Friday, January 29, 2016

Family with special needs need of help.

This is a family that  is in dire need of help.  They were brought to our attention by a local school teacher who heard of their phlight .

The father, Juan,  40 years old works in the fields. He only went to school till 2nd grade.  He has been ill with severe gastritis and ameobas. It has been very difficult for him to work . The father speaks Kakchiquel and Spanish.

The mother, Juliana, 40 years old  never had the chance to go to school. She does not know how to read , write nor does she speak much Spanish. She speaks the Mayan dialect of Kakchiquel.

They have six children.   
They are: 11 years old .  She was born with a birth defect that has stopped her from growing at a normal rate. She is the size of small 4-5 year old.    She has never gone to school.  She has never had any medical attention for her problems.  She speaks Kakchiquel and does not speak Spanish.

Angelica is 9 years old.  She has never been to school. She does not speak Spanish. She is small but growing at a normal for a malnourished child.  She looks about 7 years old.

Maria is 8 years old. She has never gone to school.  She does not speak Spanish .  She is very small but average for a malnourished child.

Elena Juliana is 4 years old.  She has a badly formed spine and has never been able to receive medical care.

Angelina is 2 years old. She is the size of an 18 month old.  

Baby Mario who was born on Dec. 2nd . The mother is breastfeeding him and he so far, does not have any medical issues that we are aware of.

The family has been renting and can no longer afford to pay rent and are being evicted.  This is due to the fact that the father has been so ill he has not been able to work.
They have a piece of land to move onto but they cannot afford to build on it.
They are in desperate need of having a dwelling built that they can live in.
The family can barely afford to eat and there is no way that they can afford to build, they also cannot afford to pay building their own home is the only way that will help them to be able to keep a roof over their heads.

The family is in desperate need of food.

The family has not been able to afford to send the children to school.  The family wants their children to go to school but have not been able to afford to send them. We are hoping that we will be able to sponsor the three older girls to go to school.  If you are interested in sponsoring one of these girls to go to school, please contact me. or make a donation on  You can use the Family Aid number FA#644.

They have one bed for 4 of them and 3 children sleep on the dirt floor on a woven straw mat.

They have electricity.

They have a Wood burning stove that brings a lot of smoke into the house.
They have one small closet.
They have three chairs and they have one small table.
They do not have enough clothes or shoes.

Any help, any small amount would be greatly appreciated and make such a difference to this family.