Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to school with shoes and backpacks in Guatemala!

These are some of the very happy faces yesterday receiving back packs and shoes to be able to go back to school.

We have many more children waiting to be sponsored.

To see more photos of students receiving their supplies ....please go to this link .

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to school in Guatemala!

It has been a busy period as we try and get the 1,200 children sponsored by Mayan Families back to school this week.

We have been busy getting back packs, school supplies and shoes onto lots of little feet.
Here are lots more photos of students receiving their backpacks and their supplies.
Please go to this link below and hopefully you will see your student.

If you would like to sponsor a student , we have many, many students who are waiting and hoping for help to go to school this year.

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Wonderful Gifts to Guatemala!

These are some of the wonderful gifts that are sponsored students received yesterday.
These are gifts that their sponsors have sent to them to make their lives a little easier.
Jorge (student #1223) and his mother were thrilled to receive a table and chairs from their sponsors, the Hartz family.
This family did not have a table or chairs to sit on and this gift will make such a difference in their lives. The tables and chairs are all handmade by men who work at home , they then bring the tables and chairs to sell at the Solola market , on Tuesdays and Fridays. They usually carry these tables and chairs on their backs to the market. Julio , who works for Mayan Families goes to the market every Tuesday to purchase these goods. The goods are then brought back to the Mayan Families compound and the family is notified to come and collect their items. We do not deliver to the homes except in unusual situations. This is done to protect the family's privacy.

A gift like this not only is wonderful to the family who receives it but it also provides an income for the family that is producing it.

Melvin (student #1132) who attends the Mayan Families Pre-school in San Jorge received a great gift from the Skinner family who sponsors him. The Skinner family gave a pila, which is a 2 sided cement sink. A pila is an essential part of a Guatemalan household but unfortunately, a lot of people cannot afford to buy one.

Melvin's family had water connected but could not afford to buy a pila. It is not only the cost of buying the pila , but it is also paying the transportation of a pila. They are very heavy and need at least four strong men to be able to move it.

The pila is used for washing dishes, washing clothes, families use them to bathe from.
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Lake Atitlan.. Guatemala.

This is an interesting article about the horrible problems facing Lake Atitlan.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Liz Sophia jewelry supports food baskets for Guatemala!

lia sophia Supports Mayan Hearts

From March 20-27, Sue Frank and her Mayan Hearts mission team will offer their services to Mayan Families in Panajachel , Guatemala . Because the trip is just before the Easter holidays, they expect to assist with the assembly and distribution of Semana Santa food baskets, and they wish to supply funding to purchase as many general distribution baskets as possible. With rising food costs, malnutrition is an ever increasing health concern, and these baskets can truly be lifesavers to struggling families.

How can you help?

If you would like to purchase lia sophia jewelry for yourself or as a gift, the consultant has graciously offered to donate 25% of her profit margin to the Semana Santa basket program. The jewelry is fashionable, affordable, and carries a lifetime guarantee. Also, during the month of January, there is an amazing promotion. For every two items that you purchase at full price, choose up to four items at half price and make those four items your highest priced items. For example, you could purchase two pair of $18 earrings at full price, and then you could purchase a $50 necklace for $25 and a $40 bracelet for $20 and a $30 pair of earrings for $15 and even a $100 necklace for $50. This offer is only available at the end of a catalog cycle, as the new Spring/Summer catalog is introduced in February. Perhaps you’d like to select something for yourself for Valentine’s Day, or maybe do some early shopping for upcoming birthdays, Mother’s Day, or graduations.

Visit the website between now and the conclusion of this fundraiser on Wednesday, January 27th. (Delivery in time for Valentine’s Day guaranteed!) Be sure to enter the host name Beth McFadyen so that proper credit can be issued. You can shop online, use the credit card of your choice, and your purchase will be shipped directly to you. See detailed online ordering instructions at the bottom of this email.

Host Name: Beth McFadyen
Consultant Name: Giulia Moffitt, 978-247-8987 978-247-8987,
Deadline: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Results: Will be shared via email through the MFC Yahoo Group

Thank you for your support of Mayan Hearts, Mayan Families, and those they serve with love.

Online Ordering Detailed Instructions
Go to the website:
Click on Our Jewelry
Scroll down and select the Fall/Winter 2009 Catalog (or any of the Current Collections catalogs)
Click on How to Purchase
Enter Hostess Name (Beth McFadyen) and click Go
Click on jewelry photos for detail photo and price
Click the Select button to add items to your shopping cart
When finished shopping, click View Your Selections
Promotional discount is automatically applied (2 half price items with every 1 full price selection; no limit)
Click Continue to Finalize Your Order
Enter your name and address and then click Continue
Tax plus a flat rate of $3.80 for shipping will be added to your order
Enter your payment info (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and click Continue to go to the review page
After reviewing your order, click Submit My Order
You’ve just contributed to the Semana Santa basket program. THANK YOU!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thank you Melissa Draper!

Thanks to a wonderful fundraiser Melissa Draper did with her of the things she did was raise was money to buy

10 beds for families who needed them.

These are people who were all sleeping on the floor or who did not have beds for all the family.

This is such a wonderful gift for all these families. It will make such a huge difference in their lives.

Thank you Melissa!
Here is the link to the rest of the photos.

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Back to School in Guatemala!

School starts tomorrow for most children in Guatemala!
We have been busy for the past two weeks giving out backpacks, school shoes, school supplies to sponsored students.
These are some of the very happy students who will have what they need to start another school year...thanks to their sponsors.

To see lots more photos of happy students...please go to the
link below

If you would like to sponsor a child, we have many who are hoping and waiting for sponsorship.Please go to our website,

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Don Victor

While the Mayan Families case worker, Rodolfo was visiting the hospital in Solola, in the highlands of Guatemala, the social worker also asked him if there was any possibility that there could be help for Don Victor and his family.
Don Victor is a school teacher who was accompanying children across the busy road when he was hit by a car.
He has lost all the toes on his one foot.
The car was a hit and run and the driver has not been found.
Don Victor has five children. Three boys and two girls.
Three of his children will be starting school this coming week but he cannot afford to buy them school supplies.

He is asking for help for school supplies for
Jonny Oliver who is 5yrs old. Yeni is 7yrs old. She is going into 3rd grade. He is entering kindergarten and Lesly Johana , who is 10yrs old.
She is going into 5th grade.
If anyone would like to sponsor these three children, it is $150 US each for the year for them to go to school.

His other children, Fredy is 3yrs old, Bryan is 6 months .
Don Victor lives in the small village of Chaquiya.
He and his wife, Santa 33yrs old live in a room at his parents home. The grandfather is now supporting the family for the moment. He works in the fields.
The house they live in is made of mud brick.
The roof is tin.
The floor is dirt.
They cook over a wood burning stove.
They do not have a water filter.
They have a pila.
They do not have a bathroom.
He pays $8 US for electricty each month.
They do not have a table.
They do not have chairs.
They are borrowing tables and chairs from the grandparents.
They have two beds for all of them.
They do not have a closet, they keep their clothes in a cardboard box.
If anyone can help Don Victor and his family, they would be very grateful.

Baby girl needs help in Guatemala.

Susana is 17yrs old. Her baby is 11 days old. As is the custom in Guatemala , the baby does not have a name yet.

Susana comes from Mazatenango. She is a single mother. Since she became pregnant she has had no support from the father.

The baby is having convulsions and needs medical treatment. The doctors want the baby to have an MRI of the head. Susana needs to go to the city to do this.
She and her mother are already staying at the hospital in Solola, a long way away from their village. They don't have enough money to go back and forth.
The cost for the baby to have the examination and the transportation to the city will cost approx. $200 US.
The baby has also has pnuemonia and a stomach infection.
They have been told that the baby may have liquid on the brain and may need a shunt. The hospital wants this to be done quickly. There is no way that Susana and her mother can afford this treatment.

Susana lives with her mother and father and a 14yr old brother. The brother is the only one who has work in the family. He is working in the fields. He earns $20 US per week. The father is unable to work very much, he had a tumor in his leg and his leg is now paralysed. He has not been able to seek medical attention for his leg. The 14yr old is in 5th grade but it seems that he will not be able to continue his education because he needs to support the family.
They rent the house that they live in.
They pay $50 US per month but they are now behind in the rent because they have not been able to pay it.
The house is made of cement block, the floor is cement and the roof is tin.
They cook over a wood burning stove.
They do not have a water filter.
They do not have a pila. They wash their clothes in the river.
They do not have electricity.
They do not have water connected.
They do not have sewerage.
They have two seats.
They do not have a table.
They have two chairs.
They have one bed. The parents sleep in the bed. Susana and her brother sleep on straw mats on the floor. This is where the baby will also sleep.
They do not have a closet.
They keep their clothes in a cardboard box . They also hang their clothes on rope because there are a lot of spiders.
They use wooden tree trunks to use as a table.
The social worker at the hospital called us to see if we could find help for Susana and her baby. She only does this in really desperate cases where she knows the family really cannot find help.
The baby can go to the hospital in the city on Tuesday if we can afford to pay the medical tests.
If anyone can help Susana and her baby, it would be greatly appreciated.
UPDATE......we sent this little baby for medical treatment to the hospital on Tuesday, 19th, they returned the baby to the hospital in Solola......sadly, she passed away this morning. Her little body is still in the morgue in Solola and we can't find the mother at the moment. She is not answering her cell phone and is not in the hospital.

Photos of life in Guatemala.

This link has some wonderful photos of life in Guatemala.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are still distributing lots of clothes and shoes, these are some of the people receiving clothes this week.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yuli Estefani needs urgent help.

Yuli Estefani is 11 months old. She has been in hospital for one week. Yuli is in our program to receive formula .
But the doctors have found that Yuli has severe anemia. She needs to have blood transfusions.
The parents have been trying to find donors but as is the custom here in Guatemala, patients have to pay the donors to give blood.
The parents will have to pay $120 US for each liter of blood. The hospital is telling them they need another one and a half liters.
The father has already given a liter of blood. He works in the river taking sand out of the river. He earns $20 US per week when he has sales selling the sand that he excavates.
There has been very little sales for the people who are working in the river. Many of them do not have enough food. The father has not been eating enough and since giving blood he feels very weak.
The mother has gastritis and is not well.
Yuli has one brother and two sisters.
They are:
Lesly is 5yrs old. She is in kindergarten this year.
Juan is 4yrs old. He is not in school yet.
Yoselin is 3yrs old.
They are renting the house they live in. It is $65 US per month.
The mother works helping the father to take sand out of the river.
The house that they are living in is made of mud brick.
The roof is tin,
The floor is cement.
They do not have a table or chairs.
They have one bed that they all sleep sideways on.
If anyone can help this family with medical care for Yuli, please send a donation and mark it for Yuli Estefani Can Martinez.

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Silvia needs medical attention.

Silvia is 15yrs old. She is in 4th grade last year but did not finish her studies because of an illness that has been plaguing her.
She has a lot of pain in the stomach and becomes very dizzy.
The doctors at the hospital could not find what is causing this without doing examinations.
The family cannot afford to pay for any medical attention.
It will cost approx. $200 US to be able to do the tests that the hospital is asking.
Last week Silvia became very ill, she started vomiting blood. She was released from hospital today but until the cause of her illness can be found, she has no treatment. She received medication to calm the vomiting and to stop the pain in her head.

Silvia's father, Victoriano is 47yrs old and works as a builders assistant. He earns $23 US a week. Maria is 45yrs old. She did not have the chance to go to school. She now works as a domestic in a private house and earns $3 US per day. She has suffered from a stroke and feels that it gives her a lot of head aches. She also has kidney stones that are causing her a lot of problems.
Silvia has two brothers and 5 sisters.
The money that the family earns is not enough to keep the family in food. They cannot afford to pay for medical treatment.

If anyone would like to help Silvia, please send a donation, no matter how small and mark it for Silvia Ajcot Solis.

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Boy in urgent need of medical attention.

This little boy needs an urgent operation to remove his "sixth" finger. It is very swollen and very painful.

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