Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little boy adopted from Guatemala.

This is a very shocking and sad story about a little boy who was adopted from Guatemala.
I can only hope and pray that he is now in loving hands. What a terrible shame that he was removed from this loving family.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home repairs in El Barranco!

Our fantastic volunteer, Michael, who is now re-named Miguel has been doing a wonderful job carrying on with the construction work since his partner-in- building Wayne, left for Canada.
Michael inspired a group of volunteers and Mayan Families staff to accompany him to El Barranco and repair the roof for widow and her children. This woman was very, very grateful. She had been dreading the coming of the wet season as the water would pour into her home. She feared every little earthquake tremor because she was afraid the roof that was so badly rotted would fall down on her and her children.
She told me afterwards that her heart is now peaceful because she doesn't have to worry about her house falling down on her children. It was the first time I have ever seen this woman smile.

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Connie and El Jefe group!

Our dear friend and supporter, Connie Turvey brought down a wonderful group of people to explore Guatemala.
They brought a mountain of donations down with them and we had a fantastic time together.
This group did some amazing things while they were here.
All 13 people in this group sponsored a child each, to go to school. This is a first! A 100% rate of New Student Sponsorships from a whole group! That is 13 more children that will get an education!
They bought traditional clothing for one of our students in the San Jorge pre-school.
This little girl, Leidy had a heart operation a few months ago and it is taking her a while to get her strength and smile back. This group lavished attention on her and got her smiling!
They also bought food for a family in dire need of food and were able to meet the family, give them the food and other donations to help them.
They also went to the school in Chuk Muk where another dear friend and supporter, Louise was doing some amazing work. They got to tour the school, see the garden Louise had started and meet the students and the staff. Julio from Mayan Families accompanied them on their visit to Santiago, they saw the church, Maximon, the diety from Santiago who likes cigars and alcohol.
They were such a delightful group of people and we had a great time with them.
Their good humor, generous and kind hearts were such a gift for the people here.
They spread a lot of smiles , hugs and love in their short time here.
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Below is Corey, a fireman with Connie's group carrying a little boy who had badly cut his finger and was on his way to the hospital. Corey had to carry him to the pick up so that we could get him to the clinic. The little boy had several stitches and was then sent home.

All the sponsors were able to visit their student's homes . That was a great experience for everyone.

There was dancing and lots of fun while installing a stove for this family!

There was time for a visit to Chichicastengo.

The stoves are heavy and it is a lot of work to install them but it is so worthwhile for the families who receive them.

This family had been cooking over rocks on the ground, they were thrilled to receive an onil stove!

It was a long walk through the dusty fields to deliver the stoves but this group had a lot of fun doing it!

All these students were sponsored on one day in El Barranco. The children performed their folkloric dance and then the visitors wanted to know who needed sponsoring. The children lined up and every single one of them was able to receive a sponsor. It was very emotional and there were a few tears as sponsors chose their student. The children were so excited and there were lots of hugs all around!

The parents were so grateful to have their children sponsored and also to meet the sponsors. The next day every sponsored child had a gift waiting at their house for the visit from their sponsors.

This was such a wonderful, positive group of people. We are so grateful for all that they did while they were here.

Watching the children dance!

One of the smallest dancers!

Learning to make tortillas!

Its not as easy as it looks!!

Giving out toys , clothes and shoes at the San Jorge pre-school.
One of the group, a teacher brought some fantastic books that her students had made to give to the children in Guatemala. They were so beautiful, creative and the children just loved them!

Not sure who had the most fun, the children or the visitors!

This little girl was so happy to get glittery red shoes!!

Lots of new toys and books to play with!

Giving out shoes and clothing!

The children all made these great designs with beads. They are so lovely!

Little Leidy had a heart operation three months ago that Mayan Families was able to arrange the assistance for her. She is still recovering and is often looking a little sad and serious. Connie's group realized that she was one of the few children in the pre-school that did not have traditional clothing. They all put in money to be able to buy a new traditional outfit for her. She and her family are just delighted!

The group also visited the new computer class in San Jorge and the sewing classes!

Taking in the view from the top of the San Jorge community center.
Connie and her group on the dock!

Women selling on the Santiago dock!

The beautiful traditional clothing of Santiago.

Trying on the traditional head gear of Santiago.

Another wonderful lunch!

Visiting Maximon in Santiago.

With Louise at Chuk Muk school.

Transportation in Chuk Muk!

The women washing their clothes in Santiago on the lake side.

Bringing all the much needed and much appreciated donations.
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