Monday, July 25, 2011

To all of those that send shipments of donation, Thank you!

Hi everyone who sends shipments,
I want to thank you for all the hard work to get these shipments here.  We really appreciate so much all the effort that everyone goes to.
On behalf of all the sponsored students who receive gifts....a huge thank you!  I wish you could all be here to see the huge surprise and the great joy that these gifts bring. It is like Christmas has arrived!   The students cannot believe their luck that someone has thought about them and sent these wonderful things to them.  I cannot explain to you how magical it is for these students and their families to receive gifts.

I also want to thank you so much for being so thoughtful and collecting the school supplies.  These school supplies are so useful to us.

Not only do they help the children who are sponsored to go to school but they also help the siblings who are not sponsored. We often have children coming to us that do not have what they need to go to school and while we cannot sponsor them because we just do not have enough sponsors, we can give them some school supplies and a backpack, even second hand backpacks are great.

We also have schools come to us that do not have enough school supplies and we share supplies with them.

We are so grateful for all the help that you give us with this.....please don't forget the free gift of coupons....last week a volunteer brought us down a bag of school supplies that her mother had got for free with coupons that she had used!
Thank you once again for all you do for us ....we are very, very appreciative!

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