Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day of the Dead or All Saints Day

On November 1st it is Day of the Dead or All Saints Day..as it is more usually referred to here in Guatemala.
It is a very big day here in Guatemala. 
Shannon who is a member of Mayan Families Connection who volunteered here this year working on the Orphan Program has suggested that we should do baskets of food for the orphaned children for All Saints Day so that they can have something to be able to participate in the activities honoring their parent/s who have  passed away. 
Usually families go to the cemetery taking special food...which consists of corn, quisquil , squash and a round of panela...which is like a raw sugar that is used to cook some of these foods, they also make poliq which is a special dish that is eaten on this day....but you need chicken and carrots to be able to make this dish. 

Most of the children in our orphan program will not be able to participate in this celebration because they just do not have the food to do so.

The graves  are painted and decorated.at this time of year, families gather at the grave sites to decorate, they put photos of their loved ones on the grave and the family all gathers to eat and share memories.  ..This also costs money......the children will need a can of paint and a paint brush to paint the grave.....the can of paint and the paint brush cost money that the children will not have.
We have 30 families of orphaned children. .....who are being raised by grandparents, uncles and aunts, older siblings and one family who is being cared for by the neighbor who lives next door.    It is a hardship on all these caregivers to be raising these children and it will not be possible for them to cover these added costs.

If you would like to help one of these families of orphaned children to be able to go to the cemetary and honor their parent/s ......the cost of the basket of food including a can of paint for the grave...( it has to be oil paint or otherwise it will run in the rain ) plus a paintbrush...and then the food for the familly to eat at the graveside...which is the custom.    
With your help...we can make this day a little brighter for the orphaned children.   
The cost of the baskets are $52.....we need just 30 for the orphan families.......but if you would like to send one of these baskets to your sponsored student who may have also lost a loved one..we will be happy to do that as well. 
Sharon Smart-Poage
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