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Valentines Day 2013

Hi everyone, Here is the link to our Valentines Day 2013 newsletter!


Give a gift that will benefit our elderly and orphans this Valentine's Day!


Mayan Families' Valentines!

Valentine's Day is approaching, and there are many who could use a little extra love.

Each year Mayan Families raises funds through valentines: in 2012 we raised money for the Orphan Program, in 2011 proceeds paid for the meals and shelter for children devastated by Hurricane Agatha, and in 2010 
the funds were used to cement the dirt floors of a school. 

This year we want to help the elderly and the orphans, all of whom could do with some love!

One of the branches of our Elderly Feeding Care program is located in San Jorge, where about 25 orphaned children also come to eat each day. The elderly and orphans struggle here in Guatemala. The elderly have been living in poverty all their lives, and their bodies are no longer able to work for them. They do not have a means to work, and live in dire conditions. Some do not have a bed to sleep in. Others eat only a tortilla with salt each day. All of those currently in our program depend on the lunch they receive to sustain them.

The orphans in our program have been abandoned by their parents, or have parents who have passed away. They have to choose between school or working to support themselves. Often the orphans' extended families are so poor that they are reluctant to have another mouth to feed. To alleviate this issue, 25 of the orphans we serve eat with the elderly in San Jorge.  

This year, proceeds from the fundraiser will go to help our Feeding Care center. Most of the Elderly in the program do not yet have sponsors, and the program is in danger of closing due to lack of funds. Please help us to provide this essential service to our elderly, and the orphans we care for!   
Please give from your heart this Valentine's Day and send some love!     
Option 1Send a Valentines E-Card to a loved one! 
Cost: $10 Donation
Description: Students from the Mayan Families' Education program will individually make a beautiful personalized Valentine's Day card. We will photograph the student who made your card with the card and email it to you or a loved one- whomever you like.

Option 2: Be a special Valentine for a family in need, feed a family!
Cost: $35 Donation
Description: We will send a Valentine's Day basket of food to a sponsored student or family in need. You can send a basket to your sponsored student or family or allow us to choose a family in need. This basket can feed up to 10 people and brings joy to families in need on this special day.

Option 3: Give a meaningful gift that will last all year!  
Cost: $360 full sponsorship/$180 co-sponsorship. 
Description: Sponsor a child to go to school in honor of your loved one!  Look here for a list of students waiting for sponsorship.

How to Donate: 
Go to our Donate Now page, enter the amount you wish to send in the "Other" box, and write either "Valentine Card", "Valentine Basket", or "Both" in the "Details" section.

To add a  personalized message your card, please email your message to with "Valentine Personalization" in the subject line.** 
Questions? Please email
Please share this Valentines Day offer on your social networks, you never know whose heart you may touch!

We would like to thank you all for your continued support, which provides us with the means to help others! 
We wish you and your loved ones a very happy Valentine's Day! 
Thank you!
Sharon Smart-Poage
registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity
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