Wednesday, December 30, 2015 Elderly woman in need.

Lucia  is 77 years old.  She comes every day from her village of Santa Catarina  to be able to eat lunch in our Elderly Care Program. This is at least a 20 min. trip in the back of a pick up or several hours walk for her.

She used to have only a stick to help her walk but we were able to give her a walking stick which helps her a lot.   She is very happy to have  enough to eat every lunch time. 

Lucia always has a smile and a greeting when I see her.   This week she stopped and asked if I could help her.
Her bed has broken into pieces and she is now sleeping on just three pieces of cloth.

I started to talk to Lucia about her life. She had five children but only three are alive. She lives near two of them but they are very poor and cannot afford to help her.

Lucia''s husband died 4 years ago.  She said he had lots of illnesses and she is not really sure what illness he died from. They could not afford medical care for him.

Lucia used to sell traditional items on the road.  Ten years ago she was involved in an accident. Her left knee and her left hand were badly injured. She was hospitalized but her knee and hand never really recovered. Now it hurts her a lot to walk and she gets tired easily.

Lucia lives alone without electricity.  She has to buy candles which is expensive and dangerous.
She does not have a kitchen. She cooks on an open fire. 
Now she does not have a bed.  She is sleeping on the floor on three pieces of fabric.
She does not have a table or chairs.
Lucia does not have enough blankets .
She does not have a water filter.

Lucia does not have a sponsor for the Elderly Care program.  It is just $35  a month to be able to ensure that Lucia will be able to continue having her lunch every day at the Elderly care center.  Lucia's I.D. number is A#135
 If you would like to sponsor Lucia for a bed , it is just $170 US.  To give Lucia a blanket, it is just $35.

If you would like to  help Lucia to have her electricity connected we will have to get a quote on how much that would cost.

If you are able to help Lucia at all, her greatest desire is to have a bed!  Can you imagine being 77 years old and sleeping on three pieces of cloth on a dirt floor every night ?

 Here is the link to donate...if you are able to help Lucia.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,

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