Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today at Mayan Families....Thursday, February, 4th. 2016 Dr. Will, our wonderful volunteer Orthopedic doctor will be examing the children in Tierra Linda for any problems with their legs or feet.  He will be accompanied by Rosa and Tatiana. Construction meeting to discuss projects that are underway.  We are presently finishing construction of the El Barranco pre school, starting construction on the San Antonio Palopo pre school, and building several houses as well.
9-1p.m. Dr. Lyle, our other wonderful volunteer doctor will be working in the clinic at the Mayan Families compound.  He will have the Pediatrician, Dr. Lisa working with him. ...Dr. Deb , the ER doctor will be working in the adjoining clinic.   Dr. Deb will be working 9 - 5p.m.  Sadly, it is the last day for both Dr. Lisa and Dr. Deb. 

2.p.m.  The Women's Artisan group from San Jorge will be bringing their completed beaded jewelry orders to the office to be received. 

2.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.  The Women's group from El Barranco will be having their Micro loans meeting.

From 2p.m.  families came to receive the food that has been donated to them by their sponsors.
These are most of the families coming but there may be one or two who are coming but are not on the list yet. 
#3505 Pana 
FA-623 Peña Blanca 
#105  Pana 
#2848 San Jorge 
FA-13  Pana   
#3278  San Jorge 
2376  El Barranco, Sololá
#2040  El Barranco, Sololá
#441  Pana 
#3089 Barranco
FA-385 Santa Catarina Palopó 
FA-189  El Tablón 
#2804 San Jorge 
FA-322 Santa Catarina Palopó 
FA-31 San Andres Semetabaj 
#3358  Pana    
#1686 San Jorge 
#187  Pana 
#1975  San Andrés Semetabaj
#1541 San Jorge La Laguna 
#821  Pana   
#3235  Pana
#3502  Pana
#3210  Pana 
#2156  El Tablón, Sololá
#2435  San Jorge La Laguna
#3058  Peña Blanca, Sololá

Today we had the family with the two children with special needs come to the office. This family is going through a very difficult time.     The children all saw the doctor for the special needs this morning and then the whole family saw the Pediatrician in the afternoon.   The parents want to send the two girls to school who are 6 years and 9 years old.  None of the children have ever been to the doctor.   They are scared to send the special needs children to the school, even the special needs school as they are scared they may be hurt. 
The girl on the left hand side of this photo is 11 years old. Her 9 year old sister is standing next to her. Both children on each end are special needs and have never had any treatment.  The two taller girls are 9 years old and 6 years old. All the children are malnourished.  We hope to have the 9 year old and the 6 year old enrolled in school tomorrow. They have never been to school.  We need sponsors for them. If anyone would like to sponsor one of them, or both, please write to .  Their family aid number is FA #644 . Thank you to the very kind people who donated money for food for the family. They were able to receive food, medical care, shoes and clothing today.

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