Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crecencia lost her husband and four of her children FA182

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 Here is another very sad story posted on the FA Blog.
Crecencia is not even 40 years old yet and she has already been through a lot in her life. This year has been especially tragic for her.

Nicolas, Crecencia's husband was diabetic and the family didn't have enough money to give him proper medical care. He was rushed to the hospital many times in the last few years and they contracted a huge debt to pay for his treatment, but unfortunately, last February he passed away at home, leaving his wife with 8 kids to raise by herself.

While still grieving for her husband, Crecencia was struggling to support her 8 kids and herself. Out of desperatation and the need to make some extra money, she sent 4 of her kids to work with a neighbor in the fields. On their way back home, the truck they were in had an accident and fell of a cliff and all of her 4 kids, aged between 9 and 12 years old, died.

That would be enough to make someone give up on life, but Crecencia couldn't stop thinking about her 4 other children that she had to care for. While persisting through these horrible tragedies, she also had to worry about the money her husband had borrowed and that she was now responsible to pay back. In a desperate pusuit of help, she made an agreement with her brothers-in-law that they would pay for the debts and in exchange she would give them the deed to her house until she could pay them back. Now, in order to get the deed to the house back, she has to pay her debt.

She is now living with her mother in a small house in San Jorge La Laguna. There are 9 people living in the house. Between them they share 3 beds without mattresses . They don't have a stove, they cook on the floor inside the bedroom. The kids don't have enough clothes or shoes and most of them have never attended school.

The family's most urgent need is to pay for her debt and get her house back. They also are in desperate need for food and sponsors for the children to attend school.

For more information and how to help this family, please visit:


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