Friday, September 16, 2011

FA177 Maynor has a Severe Injury that Needs Medical Care

Hi Everyone,
Maynor has a severe burn injury that needs medical care.
His story is is a very sad one. He has suffered most of his life with it and needs help to have a better quality of life.

Maynor is only 9 years old and already he has faced so much. At two years old, there was an accident in his home and Maynor's bed caught on fire. His left leg was severely burned and he lost most of his left foot. He was taken to a public hospital in the capital city and was treated for 8 months. Maynor's mother died 4 years later, leaving Maynor and his 5 siblings with only their father. The father has since remarried, but Maynor's new step-mother is not fond of him and the added trouble his disability brings to their family.

Maynor and his family live in another city, but on Fridays and Sundays Maynor's dad brings him to Panajachel. Showing off his scarred leg and burnt foot, Maynor's father forces him to beg for money.

A couple found Maynor begging on the street and brought him to Mayan Families. Maynor does speak some Spanish, but he speaks Kaqchiquel more fluently. So one of our Guatemalan staff translated for him as he told us his story. He cannot walk or even stand easily because it hurts him anytime he tries to step on the ground. It appears that his burnt foot is infected, with flies swarming around scabs. It has been 7 years since a doctor has looked at Maynor's burns.

We were eventually able to contact his father and ask if he would approve for us to take Maynor to the capital to see a specialist. After a few days, we still hadn't heard from Maynor's dad so we called him again. Finally, he gave his support saying that we could make an appointment with a specialist, but that he himself could not stay in the capital with Maynor. Regardless, we are so happy that we can try to help Maynor and maybe even find a way for him to walk with a special prosthetic.

So we are sharing Maynor's story with you to see if you are able to help him in any way. We'd like to take him to a specialist in the capital, and the transportation and doctor fees will cost $100. We're not sure what type of treatment or medicine he may need. It's possible that he may even need surgery. So it's hard to say what his long-term medical costs might be. But if you could help us get him to the specialist then we hope to give him more opportunities for his future than just begging on the street.

Any amount that you could give for Maynor will be greatly appreciated! 

To read Maynor's story or to help him, please visit:

Please spread the word to find Maynor some help. Thanks!

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