Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Earthquakes strike Guatemala

Hi everyone,
Here are links to the first Earthquake that killed 52 people and damaged or destroyed thousands of homes!
Yesterday I met the sister of the man who had his leg amputated ..he is in these photos. The story of this family is too horrible...I don't know how anyone can endure this much grief. The sister, who is approx. early 30's lost her mother, h
er 3 yr old son, her sister and her young niece. Her brother is in the hospital with his leg amputated. There is another young child in the family...a 6 yr old approx. I am unsure whether it is the daughter of the sister or the brother ..but she was seriously injured in the earthquake, she was operated in San Marcos, it did not go well and she was flown to Guatemala city to see if they can repair the operation , otherwise it is feared she will be paralysed. The sister told me that she has two children so she has to go on for them. I am not sure if the child in the hospital is her daughter or her niece but the poor little one is alone in the hospital in Guatemala Ctiy. The sister's husband went to the U.S. illegally....they have contacted him but he does not have work and has no money to come back home or to send to help them.

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