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Mayan Families Student Sponsorship 2013



A few of our students in need of sponsorship!
Cristian, #2461
Juana, #169 
Elieser, #2434
Josue, #2512

Sonia, #1907

Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship

student needing sponsorship


Mayan Families Student Sponsorship: Simplified for 2013!  

Mayan Families extends a warm greeting to you--we are so happy and humbled by all the wonderful accomplishments that our donors have made possible during the 2012 school year! Through your generous support in 2012:
  • more than 2,000 students received the life-changing gift of education
  • over 350 indigenous Mayan children received a quality education and nutritional supplementation at Mayan Families' Preschool Nutritional Centers
  • over 150 children graduated from 6th grade, and
  • many more graduated from Junior High and High School!
These victories mean so much to our sponsored students: it is proof to others, but more importantly to themselves, that a better life is possible.

GEARING UP FOR THE 2013 SCHOOL YEAR with a new payment structure

We are now in the process of preparing our students to head into the 2013 school year equipped with everything they need to succeed. If you are not currently a sponsor and would like to transform a young life in a profound way, please take a look at some of our impoverished students who are desperately in need of sponsorship for 2013 please click here

For those that are already sponsors, Mayan Families has changed the payment structure for student sponsorship, so please expect your payment plan for 2013 to be different.

Sponsorship Fees for the 2013 School year (beginning January 2013) are as follows:

Preschool, Elementary, Junior High, and High School level students:
$30 per month, that is less than $1 a day, ($360 per year)
Co-Sponsorship is available for $15 a month, ($180 per year)  
Being a co sponsor does not mean that you have to find another person to co sponsor with you .  Mayan Families will be responsible for finding a co-sponsor for your student.  Though if you have a family member, friend  or group who would like to co sponsor with you, that would be great! 
As a co sponsor you will still have all the same rights as a full sponsor. You will still receive updates, letters, photos and your student page will reflect all of this.  You will still be able to send gifts, messages, etc to your sponsored student. It may have be easier as you may have a co-sponsor who would like to collaborate with you to help the student and their family.
University level students: 
$105 per month ($1,260 per year) or Co-sponsorship for University students is available for $52.50 a month or $630 a year.

How and why has the payment plan changed?

This new, effective and streamlined payment structure will make Mayan Families more efficient, sustainable, and equitable. Instead of managing over 2,000 accounts for individual students, school sponsorship donations will be pooled into a centralized account that will ensure that every child in our program has access to the tools they need to succeed. Your sponsorship helps:
  • To fund Mayan Families' seven Preschool Nutritional Centers located throughout the highlands of Guatemala
These preschools provide children who are at a critical stage of development with the building blocks for success: supplemental nutrition and vitamins, strengthening of Spanish language skills, hygiene training, and access to dental, vision, and general health clinics.
  • To combat chronic malnutrition that plagues indigenous Mayan peoples of Guatemala
Guatemala has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world for children 5 and under.  Because the Preschool Nutritional Centers provide students with the vitamins nutrition they need, your sponsorship helps your student stay healthy.
  • To provide equal opportunities for the students and greatly reduce the amount of requests to sponsors for additional school costs
One sponsorship plan ensures that Mayan Families Student Sponsorship program will continue to grow as we become more efficient in managing the program, and our current students, we can enroll many more into the program! It also helps ensure the sustainability of the program, educating thousands of impoverished children year after year.

  1. Change your payment plan for full sponsorship:
If you would like to continue fully sponsoring your student, it is necessary for ALL sponsors to set up new payment plans for 2013 to ensure you are contributing the correct amount. To set up monthly payments or to pay your sponsorship fee for 2013 in fullplease click here.  

Payments can also be made via check sent to:   

Mayan Families
P.O. Box 52
Claremont, N.C. 28610
**Please be sure to note your student's number on the check.

We ask that you please renew your sponsorship by making a minimum payment of $30 for each of your sponsored students by December 31, 2012.


2. Consider Co-Sponsorship 

This means that a sponsorship is shared between individuals or groups. Mayan Families will get the student in school and actively look for another Co-sponsor! Any assistance is always appreciated.
Co-Sponsorship Fees for the 2013 School year (school year beginning January 2013) are as follows:

Preschool, Elementary, Junior High, and High School level students:
$15 per month ($180 per year) for Co-sponsorship.

University level students: 
$52.50 per month ($630 per year) for Co-sponsorship.

What are the benefits of co-sponsorship?
  • Provides a low-cost alternative to full sponsorship. This is especially important for sponsors who support multiple students and feel unable to sponsor all of them under the new sponsorship donation plan. At $15 a month or $180 a year your donations remains similar to last year and you can continue with your current students!
  • Co-sponsorship allows two parties to collaborate efforts in providing basic necessities beyond school sponsorship to their sponsored student.  This can include things like a water filter so that the family can enjoy clean drinking water, or chickens to provide the family with a little extra food and/or income.
  • School sponsorship is a great way to help your children, family, friends, school, service group, and community to give back. Many of our sponsors are groups of friends that gather their resources and passion to support Mayan Families' students.  

    To donate for Co-sponsorship please click here;
In Guatemala, indigenous Mayan people face what seem like insurmountable odds: extreme poverty, the marginalization and discrimination against the majority indigenous population, and lack of access to resources. The relief and joy that a family feels when a child is sponsored is indescribable. Just knowing that someone is there to help their child receive an education and achieve his or her full potential means more than many of us can imagine. We hope that sponsoring a child changes your life too!

We are grateful for your support! 

Need More Information? 
Please visit our FAQ page, for comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions. 
Please visit our Details page, for more information on the change in our sponsorship donation payment plan.

If you have additional questions that are not addressed on the FAQ page, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 619-550-2608 for assistance or to make a payment - donation.
If you are unable to continue sponsoring your sponsored student or if you would like to switch to co-sponsorship, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to
Mayan Families Amigos and Partners:
Mayan Families Amigos and Partners offer ongoing support to help us offer a variety of programs day after day to families in rural Guatemala.  Partners choose the amount of their monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring gift (we suggest a $5/month minimum).  Mayan Families Amigos Partnership is a great option for individuals who wish to sustain our work for the benefit of all participants and are not seeking the one-to-one relationship facilitated by student sponsorship.Please click here to enroll. Scroll down to Other Program, In Description, type in general, then type in the amount you wish to donate and click on Submit Form. It will take you quickly and securely through the next steps. 
We are so grateful for your continued support! Thank you! 
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