Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lillian in Guatemala

Hi, many of you may remember , Lillian.  She is an orphan.  She was just 14 years old when she had her first baby to an older man who convinced her to leave her aunt and go and live with him.
She also took on the job of raising the man's 4 year old son.
Lillian is still living with the older man , he is about 44 years old approx. now.  She is nearly 20 years old now...she is pregnant with her 3rd child.   The man does not make enough to feed her  and the children . They are all malnourished. He apparenlty has a woman in another town that he goes to live with part time.  Lillian feels that she has nowhere to go to be able to leave this man.   She lives in a very remote area and really has very , very  little. 
She is 6 months pregnant and was examined by a visiting midwife that we had here. 
Until now she has not been able to receive medical care. 
The midwife is concerned that she has a vaginal infection and needs medication but she also needs to have an ultrasound.   The cost of the medicine and the ultra sound is $70 US.   
Lillian does not have a sponsor and we cannot afford to buy her the medicine unless we have someone who will donate it for her.
If you would like to help Lillian, please send a donation to FA76.  
Lillian's baby which is a year and  a half old is also in desperate need of having a sponsor for milk. 
She is no longer breastfeeding the baby because she is pregnant ( as is the custom here) but the family does not have enough food and the baby is malnourished.
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