Saturday, August 17, 2013

Little Guillermo will be 6 years old soon!

Little Guillermo will be 6 years old soon! 

He started at the Mayan Families preschool in  Tierra Linda in 2010.
He has two older sisters and he had a baby brother. The baby became ill and died, he was vomiting and had diarrhea but the family could not afford medical attention. 
When Guillermo came to the Mayan Families preschool he was very malnourished. 
The family is poor and find it hard to have enough food to feed their family. 
The father went to school till 3rd grade but his parents could not afford to keep him in school. The mother did not have the opportunity to go to school . They both work in the fields and earn very little money.  Both of them speak Kakchiquel and just a little Spanish.

When Guillermo started at the preschool, we were struck by what beautiful big brown eyes he had!
Then the teacher told us that it was very difficult for Guillermo to see.....
We found out that Guillermo had a condition that would soon send him blind.
We wrote about him on our blog and thanks to the generosity of two wonderful people, Dee and Steve Musolino, Guillermo was able to have an operation that saved his sight. 
The doctors told us that Guillermo would have lost his sight completely in the next few months.
We are so grateful to the Musolino family who gave this little boy from a mountain village in Guatemala,  who they have never met, the gift of sight. 
Guillermo still needs to have several more procedures and we need to be able to continue the care for his eyesight .  We need the amount of $500 to be able to finish the operations that have been started.  This will include his transportation to the city and to have a translator go with the mother. 

Any amount, no matter how small will help us to be able to finish this care for Guillermo and make sure that he will not lose his sight.
If you are able to help Guillermo with even a small donation, we would be very grateful. 
You can send a donation to help Guillermo #1604 at
Thank you.

Sharon Smart-Poage
a registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity
Guillermo starts at Mayan Families in 2010.




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