Saturday, September 7, 2013

Guatemalan Independence Day is Sept. 15th

Guatemalan Independence Day is Sept. 15th
It is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm here in Guatemala.
Lots of parades.  
It is a very big event.
One of the things that is always stressful for the parents is that the schools ask for new shoes for the children for the parades.
We have given out as many as we can from donations...they always want black school shoes or white gym shoes for some of the children.
Many of you who have been here have seen the condition of the children's shoes.....when we give new shoes to children in January, this is often the only pair of shoes that they have or will have all by the time September comes around...their shoes are in terrible condition and not fit for the parades.
If you would like to help your sponsored student is one thing that they all need right now.  
The shoes that they need are $30 a pair.  If you would like to give them a pair of shoes, please send the donation along with the student number.
Just to clarify...the students all received a pair of brand new school shoes and a pair of gym shoes in January but as I mentioned earlier, this is often the only pair that the child will have all year.
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