Saturday, September 28, 2013


This morning we had a call from Aqua Escondido...this is where we were able to buy land and build 8 houses for families who did not own land.
One of the poorest families there is a family of 11 ....9 children ...and 2 adults. The parents, Jesus and Clara...have had a very hard life. 
This family often has nothing to eat ...the signs of malnutrition are very visible on the children.
They have an older son who would have been 26 next month.  He has brain damage but the family could never afford to have medical care for him. He would often forget where he was or who members of the family were.
Last night he went out walking and didn't come home. This morning they searched for him and found him lying dead on the side of the road.
They are not sure what he died from and probably will never be able to find out whether he had an accident or if someone hurt him.
The family called early this morning sobbing. They have no money for a coffin. 
This family has no money to for food to eat daily...and if they have to buy a coffin on credit, the interest will soon mount up and they will not be able to pay it.

We need $300  US to be able to help this family.  The coffin has to be delivered to them by a pick up as they have no transport and no way to get here.  They need to go and file papers..they will need bus fare for this and to buy whatever is needed.    Because the father will not be able to work today, they will not have food. 
Those of you who have visited these families in Aqua Escondido know the situation that they live in....if you can spread the word on your social medias ...we may get some help for them.

If you would like to send a donation, please send it to and mark it for #1147....that is Ana, who is one of the 2 children we sponsor in this family.

If anyone would like to help with just a little towards this families 

This is when we delivered building materials to the family.

This is inside the very humble home.  There is only one bed and this is the bed that they have their son lying on who just passed away. They do not have a coffin for him yet. 

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