Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flabio is 17 years old and has kidney problems

Flabio is 17 years old and has kidney problems. He has been to several doctors who tell him that one of his kidneys is failing. He has an appointment on February 20 with a nefrologist in the capital and he needs $109 to go to the capital and have his appointment.

Flabio's parents, Maria and Jose, have three children. Jose works in a supermarket and Maria stays at home to care for the family. They try their best to provide for their children, but Jose's wages have not been enough to care for the family and pay for Flabio's medical expenses. Flabio's doctor visits have strained the family's budget and they are really struggling.

Amidst Flabio's medical troubles, he still earnestly wants to stay in school. However, given his medical bills he is afraid that he may have to drop out because his family can't afford both medical bills and school payments. Flabio needs a school sponsor for 10th grade, which costs $490 for the entire year.

For more information on how to help Flabio receive school sponsorship or the medical attention he needs, please visit:

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