Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grace of Guatemala Mission Trip.

We have had the pleasure of having Connie and her recent group of 20 people here.  For some it is the first time to come to Guatemala ...for others, we are happy to welcome back old friends.

Connie has taken the little agricultural village of El Barranco under her wing....she focuses all her attention and groups on this village....and it has made a huge difference to the people who live here.

The groups that Connie has brought have now sponsored over 50 children.  This present group has topped the record and for a group of 20 people, they have sponsored 17 children!

They brought wonderful donations and gave all the children shoes, clothing, goodie bags full of exciting things for the was a great day for the them all.

Here is a link to Connies blog.....we have lots more photos but we will get them up soon.
If anyone would like to join Connie's next service trip or would like to organize their own...we would be happy to see  you here and help you with all the arrangements.
Please contact me at

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