Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Orphans in Guatemala

Hi Everyone,
There is a family of orphans that really need our help.

Orphans in Guatemala are especially vulnerable to malnutrition, illness, and lack of education. For this reason we have our Orphan Care Program and we try to do all we can to keep orphans in school and with extended family members.

We recently found out some tragic news regarding one of our orphan families. Four siblings: Yaquelin, Joni, Jonas, and Estela just lost their grandmother, Rosa. Rosa was more of a mother to the orphans than a grandmother. She took them in and cared for them when they had no where else to go. However, Rosa had a bleeding ulcer in her stomach and we believe that it may have erupted. Rosa was complaining of severe stomach pain and began vomiting blood. She passed away shortly after. Now the orphans are left without their primary care-taker. 

Right now it appears that the orphans will be cared for by their aunt, Aura Marina. However, the aunt already has 6 of her own children, so caring for four more children will be exceptionally difficult. The orphans' grandfather, Leoncio, will try to continue to help the children as well, but he only sells fruit on the street and makes very little money doing it. 

For more information on how to help these orphans, please visit:

Thank you!

What the family needs most right now is help with funeral costs. In Guatemala it is customary to have a funeral in which you provide all attendees with bread and sweet coffee. Many families go into debt paying for these funeral costs and also paying for the casket. The family already had to borrow money for the funeral and are now in debt $480. They would be deeply grateful for any financial help you can offer them during this very difficult time.

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