Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two volunteers!!!

Two volunteers, Husband and wife, Lynn and Mark Pike, spent a day installing
stoves in San Antonio Palopo.  It is a beautiful place with a huge
amount of poverty.
Today this couple did a fantastic job helping two families to have
much healthier lives.
They gave them the gift of a energy efficient wood burning stove.
All the smoke that is usually inhaled by the family causing sinus and
respiratory problems is now a thing of the past.
Along the way , Lyn and Doug not only instantly improved the lives of
these families but they also made real friends.  They came not as
tourists passing by but as welcome guests who generously gave of their
time and their energy to not only donate these stoves but install them
as well.
Not an easy task given the difficulties of the village in San Antonio
Palopo. They climbed for over half an hour carrying heavy weights to
reach the second house.
Thank you so much for coming to visit and making such a difference!

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