Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesay morning in Guatemala

Last night we welcomed Bethany's group here to Panajachel.

Bethany had organized a bbq at a local restaurant , La Palapa so that some of the Mayan Families staff could meet the group .
It was a fun night and we all enjoyed it.
We are starting the day off running today...
We have Bethany's group that will be doing many activities..
some of the group will be building puppet theatres for the pre schools.
others will be going to the pre schools to do activities with the children at the Mayan Families Pana Pre school.......the kids are going to love this...many of the group are teachers!

Unfortunately, Bethany's Medrano boxes are held up in customs and will not be here in time .....but I am sure that the group and the kids will have a blast anyway.
Others in the group are going to start painting murals on the new pre school....when we move into our new offices...there is a big space there for the pre school. It will be great to have the pre school and the Elderly care under one roof.
At midday Bethany's group will be having lunch for many of their sponsored students and their families...around 70 people all together!
after lunch they will be giving out a lot of chickens to their lucky families.
Then there will be a cooking class for half of the group as they learn to prepare tortillas, chuchitos, salsas, guacamole etc. 

Apart from Bethany's group ...we have the Leche program this morning...this is when the babies and their mothers come along.
They receive formula or cereal....we will have the babies measured and weighed and then they will receive a talk about nutrition this morning.
We hope to convince mother's that giving babies water with sugar, or soda in their bottles is not good for their health.

We have several other visitors here as well. yesterday the children in Tierra Linda loved the magic show performed by volunteer Tony....and Alberto the clown.
The boys from the Tierra Linda jnr. high also performed at the magic show. Tony is so impressed with them. He is going to try and organize a  little street theater with them and hopefully they will be able to start earning money with their new skills!

We received news that the woman we sent to the city who was in terrible pain with the swelling in her arm .....did not have a tumor in her arm but had a lot of liquid . The liquid was drained and hopefully that has given her relief from the terrible pain she was in .  Now we are waiting to find out the results of what  caused this.

Have a happy Tuesday!
Sharon Smart-Poage
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