Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More reasons we install Fuel Efficient Stoves

More reasons we install stoves!
This home is a perfect example of why we are passionate about helping
families receive an energy efficient stove that they can cook with. It
will take the smoke out of the house...this will reduce respiratory
problems and eye irritations.   It will make it safe for little
children in the house, too many have fallen into these fires and
suffered terribly.   These stoves also reduce the need for wood by this will help deforestation which in turn will help stop
the deadly mudslides in Guatemala.
Thank you to the group ...Families for Guatemala 2012 ...for
installing 18 stoves this week. That will make a big difference to the
lives of these families.

If you would like to donate a stove....there is a family waiting who
would love to have it.
We will send you the photo of the family with a before and after photo.
If you have a group that would like to come and do a service trip
...install stoves, meet the families who will receive the stove, be a
welcome guest in a Mayan home rather than a tourist....have fun and
make a big difference ...we would love to have you come .
Please write to

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