Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving Day!

Hi friends,
Today, we are moving out of Monterey office with the big, beautiful trees and moving into the Calle El Rastro office which is just behind the local market.
It is going to be a big job and the internet will be turned off in our office and then take a little bit of time  ( read a day or two ) to be up and functioning in the new office.
So please be patient ( even more so than usual!!) if your emails do not get a quick response.
It is a big job to move everyone ...their offices and the computers etc.   
This office space is really has two courtyards ...we have one side that will be the pre school.....they will be moving in to the new space probably in December. 
We already have the kitchen for the Elderly set up and a dining room for them ( this also doubles as the cooking class kitchen for visitors).
Upstairs is going to be the Trade School...we have a lot of classrooms  . When we first looked at this place, we marveled at how much space there was and how we probably would not be able to use it all.
Now we are beginning to worry that we will run  out of space!!!
Thanks to the efforts of many different people this summer, the wall for the pre shool courtyard and the pre school toilets and the walls have been beautifully painted....they look very friendly, happy and welcoming!
Our phone numbers will stay the same. 
It is quite amazing to think how much we have grown.
When Bonnie who is the administrator of the Mayan Families Connection group originally came to visit. in 2005...we had our office in our bedroom of our home....Bonnie and her family helped wrap Christmas presents on our bed for the Christmas party for the sponsored children.   
It is thanks to Bonnie and all the wonderful members of this group that has enabled Mayan Families to grow and to be able to help so many.
Thank you!!!
We look forward to welcoming you to our new offices when you come to visit!!

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