Sunday, August 19, 2012

What to send

Hi everyone,
It is often our experience that girls 12 and older like dolls....because they have never had one and it is something that they have always wanted. Also they love to use them as a decoration. If you were to get a doll for her then I would suggest a decorative type of doll rather than a cuddly one. Also girls her age would love a big stuffed animal.  Also she would like a button down sweater, hair brush, hair accessories, a bracelet, socks, underwear..a personal cd player., a backpack is a great gift, ...we give each child a backpack when school starts in January...but these backpacks get hard use.
So having an extra one is a great thing.  There is no storage for books etc at school so all materials have to be carried in every day and it can get very heavy and zippers blow out etc.

For the parents I would suggest.....father...a flashlight and batteries...or even better if you can find a good solar one, a t.shirt or shirt...usually most Guatemalan men use a size M....but it could vary...a baseball cap, a small radio,  a warm zip up jacket, socks, ( often people have to wear shoes here without socks as they just don't have them) , the fathers also would really appreciate a strong back pack. ..this is something that most men use..either to go to the fields, for shopping, carrying whatever is needed,  a packet of razors, shaving cream ( in a tube ) ....a cheap watch. a radio or cd. player for the family. 

For the mother,  ...a blanket, towels, sheets, pillows, ( most Guatemalan families do not have pillows on their beds, they use folded up clothes )
pots, pans, good quality plastic dishes, cups etc. a button down cardigan , a fold up umbrella, a purse, a watch, a locket, a blender, an iron, 
perfume, a hair brush, hair accessories,  a flashlight,  a radio or c.d. player for the family.  

We can also purchase a lot of these things for you here in Guatemala if you would prefer not to ship.

Please remember if your family wears traditional clothing, please do not send them western clothing apart from button down cardigans, underwear, socks etc .  If you would like to purchase new clothing for them, we are happy to purchase it for you here in Guatemala. 
It is a tradition that men , women and children have new clothing at Christmas.  Quite often the families we work with cannot afford that at all. 
But if you would like to give a gift that will be useful for at least 5 years ...then traditional clothing is a wonderful thing to give. It not only is a joy for the person who receives it but it provides work for Guatemalans here ....weaving and sewing.

If your family wears traditional clothing but you would like to send some clothing to them, then...socks, underwear, cardigans, jackets for boys, rain capes etc are really, really appreciated. 

Thank you so much for thinking about sending gifts to your is beyond exciting for them!
Sharon Smart-Poage
a registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity

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