Monday, April 15, 2013

Ponciana's funeral

We see so many people pass away here but Ponciana has affected everyone who knew her.
5 days ago, a group of Mayan Families staff members went to the house to visit , taking flowers, coffee, sugar, bread and corn. 
Some of us, will be joining the funeral procession.
Eric, our driver, who lost his first wife to cancer..about 5 years ago was very close to Ponciana...he drove her to each of her appointments in the city and picked her back up.  He said that his heart hurts most for the youngest child...who is about 5 years old...he would always come and wave goodbye to his mother when she left and he was always waiting in the fields when she got back and he would jump up and applaud because he was so happy she was back.
Eric said he wanted to take a photo of this little boy but because it tore at his heart so much, he couldn't do it...
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