Friday, April 12, 2013

Sewing Class Graduation with Mayan Families in Guatemala

Two days ago we had our Sewing Class Graduation party....there were 7 women who graduated from this sewing course.
They were all very excited.
Most of them have very little fact, one of the women in her Thank you speech told me that she had been wanting to learn to sew for a long time but every where  a course was offered, she was not eligible because you have to have a 6th grade education to be able to apply.  These women are very thankful for this opportunity.
But now I know the even harder part for these women is to start to try to find work.
So this morning, I had an idea...we have some lovely fabrics that have been donated...but they are western fabrics and it is going to be hard to make things to sell to tourists because they want the Guatemalan fabrics.
But the children here ...and adults can wear a very simple box style blouse.....these can be embroidered or they can be plain. So I thought ...what if we got the women making blouses from the donated all sizes for all the different age groups...and the good thing with these blouses is that they can fit many different sizes...and we put a rack out at Mayan Families and sell them at a low price so that the mothers can afford to buy them.  
Then we can pay the women...say approx. $2 US to make a blouse.....and once they are experienced they could possibly earn $6 -$8 a day. ...BUT...and there is always a but!!!....we need some start up money to be able to have a fund to pay the women till their blouses start to sell....( of course, there is no guarantee that they will sell....but they just might !) .
..and these blouses fit in with traditional clothing...they are worn with a corte..( traditiional skirt) so it is also keeping girls in their traditional customs...
 If you think this is something that might work.......and have a spare $2 to sponsor a woman to make a blouse to put out on a rack to sell...then  I am very willing to give it a go!
Sharon Smart-Poage
a registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity


  1. Love your sewing classes and many of the artisans who work with me for beading "mostacilla" have or want to take these classes! I will help support this project all that I can. It's just wonderful what you all are doing, and I think lots of women in the states would be very happy to donate their unused sewing machines to bring down here in a suitcase when someone comes to visit. I think I have another one in the attic somewhere. Will take a look, and donate to the program as well.

  2. Do you have photos from the graduation party? Would love to see them!