Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rodolfo getting married in Guatemala

Today we are celebrating the wedding of one of our staff...Rodolfo....who is 28 years old and getting married today.
He has been planning his wedding for a year now.
He was so nervous for the past few days I thought he would collapse but late yesterday afternoon they had the civil ceremony and today one hour is the church wedding. They are having the reception at the Mayan Families office which has a big open space for the tables and chairs etc. We are trying to help them keep their costs down so we are happy to have them use this space.

We have a photo on facebook of the "Bachelor party" we had for Rodolfo at the office.  I love the games people play here, they usually cost very little to nothing and use a lot of imagination and create a lot of fun.   On the Picassa albums you will see Rodolfo and Patricia...Patricia is in Family Aid...and she represented the bride.  Outfits were created for them from toilet paper and it was  a lot of fun!

Well, dashing off to the church is always nice to have something positive to celebrate!
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