Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Send a Christmas Gift for a Child

Christmas is always a difficult time for families living in poverty.  If you sponsor a 
student and you’d like to send him or her a gift, or if you’d just like to brighten a child’s 
Christmas this year, Mayan Families has provided a list below of toys that can be easily 
purchased here in Panajachel.  It is far easier and more cost effective to buy a present 
here than to ship one from the States, and it’s a good way to support the Guatemalan 
economy.  If you’d like to buy one of these gifts, please go to and enter the dollar value of your gift under 
“Other”, and the toy’s number (i.e. T#01 for the stuffed animal) under “Description.”  
The kids will be thrilled to have a present—thank you! 

T#12 World Cup 2010 $8

Toys aren't the only options for Christmas presents: click here for a list of other practical gifts.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for a priced list of household items, clothing, and food.

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