Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update on Elyda in Guatemala

 UPDATE...Sunday morning. Sadly, Elyda passed away this morning.  Thank you everyone for your kind words, healing thoughts, prayers and good wishes.  Elyda was at least no longer in pain for the past few days and had been receiving very good medical care.

Hi everyone,
Please keep sending healing thoughts, prayers to Elyda.....she is right now having another operation.   They have had to do something to her intestines....I am not sure of all the details yet.   But the bill is now $4,000 US.  PROJECT GIFT, a wonderful medical organization run by Lyle and Andree Waldeman have offered to help with the costs.  Some of  you will have met Lyle and Andree here in Panajachel. Lyle is a doctor and spends several months a year here giving free medical clinics in areas that people do not have access to medical treatment. His wife, Andree organizes all the clinics and makes sure that everything goes well.
Lets hope that all goes well for Elyda tonight and that she will continue to improve.
I am so grateful to the doctors who are operating on her, they have given her incredible care.

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