Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to school in Guatemala 2011!

There is plenty of action at our new offices! The first of the parents and children coming to bring their list of school supplies, get shoes , photos taken, register, sign contracts...yes...we have a contract...that states the parent's responsibility..to support their child to go to school by getting them their on time, helping with homework or at least asking about their homework , bringing in report cards etc ....children's responsibility to study hard , pay attention at school and to get their on time....Mayan Families responsibility to support the child as best we can, give school supplies, shoes etc so that the child has what he/she needs to be able to go to school.

It is a really busy time...we just moved into our offices last week...it is a great location, the best part , in the children's minds is the much used and loved tire swing!!!

We also have taken a few of the tricycles that we have received in the shipments ....( thank you so much for these!!!!) to the new garden and the children love them.....they are having a great time!

The staff are working long hours, starting an hour earlier and finishing an hour later trying to get all the supplies into back packs , the student then has to be photographed, receive a new I.D. card if they don't have one, sign a contract and we have about 5 people working revising the student blogs so that some of the data will be updated and new information added. It is very time consuming...interviewing each family can take at least half an hour and there are over 1,500 students. Please have patience with us as we try to do our best!
Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a student and to everyone who has posted about students needing sponsoring onto their social networks. It has made a huge difference!!!!

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