Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday message from Susie at Mayan Families.

This week has been especially tough for our staff. We have been working long hours to provide school supplies to our student. We are also interviewing them for updates to their pages. During this process we have encountered many sick people. For the better part of the morning I have been trying to decide what I would like for my birthday, I have found it!

#1674 Yessica Cux's father, Domingo needs a hernia operation. This will be his second operation. He is in danger of dying if his hernia gets any bigger. We have consulted with our doctor and the price of the operation with discount is $530.00.

But, wait, there is more....

#1674 Yessica is also in need of a sponsor, she is so new she is not on the web, she is picking up her supplies today without a sponsor! That is how much faith we have... we are giving out supplies ahead of sponsorship in special circumstances.

Yessica had to skip school last year because her father was so sick, she worked in the home and with her grandmother to make money for the family. Jessica cried last year because she was not able to go to school. Jessica will be entering High School, so that is a sponsorship of $480. Jessica and her family live in a rented room. They have 1 bed and 4 people sleep in it. Jessica, her mother, Lucia, Carmen and Suliyn, her sisters. Don Domingo works as a night watchman. They use a gas stove top to cook, which is located outside because the room is too small.

So to be truly honest, I do not want a party, what I want is to be able to come up with $1,010.00 so this family can sleep easier. The mother is worried because Yessica does not have a sponsor and that she may loose her husband any day. How can I celebrate something so insignificant as a birthday when so many people here in Guatemala have such great needs.

Thank you for reading this, and for the help you give us daily. The truth, some days are really tough for us. We feel so, so blessed to have such generous donors. When I say, if it was not for you, we would not exist, I mean it!!

Best wishes,


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