Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The family Xinico Tol

The Xinico Tol Family live in San Andres lost their home because they could not pay the rent the week before Christmas.
The mother was crying in the street with all the children and all their possessions when a neighbor came by. He told them that he had land that he was selling and in the meantime, if they found tin sheeting, they could build a room to live in.
The father somehow borrowed and found rusty tin sheeting and they built a room.
They built the kitchen out of cane and plastic sheeting. As you can see from the photo , the plastic roof of the kitchen is burnt away.

The children want to go to school. The eldest boy left school a year ago in 4th grade. He passed his grade and wanted to go back to school but his family could not afford it. So his father took him to work in the fields with him.

He is very excited, as are the other children , at the possibility of going back to school.

When the Mayan Families Staff visited the house today there was no food in the house.
There are three beds for all of them and they have very few blankets.
The mother said it is very cold there at night .

This family can buy this piece of land for $4,600 US.....and they would have a secure place to live.

Only $180 US per year will send one of these children to school. If you would like to help, please contact us, sharon@mayanfamilies.org......
If you would like to help them with food or blankets....please let us know.

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