Thursday, January 27, 2011

Building a much needed house in Guatemala!

Here is a link for more photos!

Louise from Canada, one of our amazing supporters is visiting. She has been sponsoring a child in this family for several years now and has watched their home is in terrible shape.  She finally received help from friends to be able to fund a new house for this family.  As you can see from the photos the house is falling down, they are stuffing clothes in the holes in the bricks to try to keep the wind out....but the house is ready to fall down.
Louise's husband, Jim is coming down next week to lead a group who will begin work on this project.  The family is so happy, they cannot believe their luck!
Thank you Louise and Jim for all you are doing for this family and for so many other students!
To see more photos please go to the link above.
If you would like to help build a home for a needy family, please contact us...we have plenty of families who are living in terrible conditions.

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