Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dominga has hope with help!

Sometimes, as a fund-raising volunteer, there are stories that are an easy to sell.  Young kids, parents struggling to raise young families, and even wise, frail, wise ancianos can pull at the heartstrings of strangers, even from thousands of miles away.  And then there are the tougher cases.  Single adults, or parents, not yet frail and helpless, whose children are grown.  Many older indigenous men and women tend to be stoic in front of a camera, and the donations come slower when they, rather than their children or their parents, are in danger.  These cases are always the hardest as a volunteer, because from a few feet away it is always easy to feel real, wrenching tragedy, even when you know it will be near impossible to communicate.
Dominga is one such case.  She is just 50 years old, and a mother seven times.  She has a cancerous tumor in her stomach, and though it is slow-growing and curable, she cannot live if it is not removed.  A wonderful medical NGO, Wuqu' Kawoq, has been working along with Mayan Families to care for Dominga, but the surgery she needs will still cost $1670.  The tumor has made her very ill, and she has been admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis, but things are at an impasse until she--or we--can raise the money for her surgery. 
After struggling through poverty all their lives, Dominga and her husband, Juan, have managed to keep their youngest children, Rodrigo, 13, and Ana Patricia, 11, in school with the help of Mayan Families.  They are the first in their families to learn to read and write, and Dominga has worked hard for many years in hopes that they would have this chance.  This Mother's Day, I hope that you will consider making a donation, big or small, to make sure that Dominga is here to see her children graduate.  I can't offer a beautiful, sad picture of an innocent face, but I hope that you will see in Dominga a difficult but dignified life--a life worth saving.
If you would like to Donate to Dominga's care, please go to Donate Now and scroll down.  Enter your donation in the Other $ box.  In the Details box, write #41 Dominga Medical.  Even a small donation will bring us one step closer to preventing this tragedy.


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