Monday, May 14, 2012


Dominga is the mother of two of our sponsored students, Rodrigo,13 and Ana Patricia, 11 and has been very ill.  For years, the family did not know what was wrong with her and very recently was told she was dying.  However, the family recently received hope that Dominga's illness is a slow-growing, curable cancer in her stomach.  She just started treatment and last Monday was admitted to the hospital of a cancer center in Guatemala City for emergency surgery.  She needs to have the tumor from her stomach removed as soon as possible, but her family is unable to pay for her care.  After a week in the hospital, she is finally able to be operated on but the surgery she needs has a total cost of $1670. 
Dominga's possibilities to continue treatment depend on whether or not we are able to raise these funds.  Her cancer is curable, but the exams and treatments she needs are very expensive.  Dominga and her family struggle to cover even their basic expenses and even though there are working family members, they will never be able to come up with the money for her treatments.  If 23 people contribute $75, we will raise more than enough to cover this surgery and give hope to a very beautiful family.
Please help us to save the life of this mother who is only 50 years old!
Here is the link to the blog post about Dominga and photos of her family:
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