Thursday, May 3, 2012

Land for Petrona and her family!

We are so thrilled that, with your help, we have been able to purchase 7 plots of land for 7 needy families! We have begun the process of telling the families they will soon be land owners and one father literally jumped up and down with joy!

When our managers went to confirm the purchases with the church this week, we were informed that there is still one plot of land remaining to be purchased. Our managers immediately asked about reserving this last plot to see if we could fund raise for one last family.

This is Petrona and her four children. Her husband, Leocadio, had a stroke leaving half of his body paralyzed. He cannot walk or work because of his condition. So Petrona washes clothes and sells tortillas to try to provide for her family.

They are currently renting a small home with no electricity. But they can't afford the rent on Petrona's small wages. Many times they are forced to choose between paying rent or feeding the children. It's a terrible circumstance to face. Soon, they will be kicked out with no where to go.

We would really love to give Petrona and her family a plot of land so they can finally have a safe place to live that won't be taken away from them, a place of their own with the deed in their name. For just $1,120 you can give Petrona and Leocadio their own plot of land, an economic investment they would never be able to afford on their own.

We don't necessarily need the money in one lump sum. We are accepting pledges if you prefer to pay month by month. Any amount that you give will make a difference!

If you would like to make a one-time donation to give this family a new plot of land, please go to Donate Now and scroll down. Enter your donation in the "Other $" box. In the "Details" box, write "Land". Or you can donate monthly to pay off the price little by litte. Go to Donate Monthly and enter your donation in the "Other Program" box. Under "Description" write "Land" and specify how much you'd like to donate per month.

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