Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today in Guatemala is Dia del Madre or Mother's Day.

Today in Guatemala is Dia del Madre or Mother's Day.
It is a big day here!
Celebrations have been going on all week.  
All the schools have celebrations...children making crafts and then the big day when their mothers come, there is food and activities!
All 7 of the Mayan Families pre-schools have been busy this week. 
Monday our pre school in San Jorge celebrated with a lunch for the mothers.
Yesterday our pre-school in San Andres celebrated with their mothers...the children made beautiful baskets for their mothers and they all wore traditional clothing and danced!
Wednesday they also celebrated in El Barranco!
Today they are celebrating in the San Antonio pre -school. 
Friday, they are celebrating in Panajachel, Tierra Linda and Chukumuk pre schools. 
Yesterday they local mayor and the council had dancing in the streets, big trucks with very big loud speakers and mothers in fancy dress dancing behind them.
Today the morning started very  big fireworks went off blasting everyone out of their sleep.
Then a group of musicians were  in the street in our neighborhood serenading ....that was very nice....but then they had competition from the very large truck with the very, very large speakers that started cruising the area...with competing love songs about mothers.
Followed by the Bomberos ( paramedics /first responders) with sirens and other cars with horns tooting, followed by more fireworks. 
Things have calmed down a little now but there  is sporadic fireworks going off in the distance. 
We, at Mayan Families will be packing bags of food ready to put into the baskets that will be given out tomorrow.
We  hope to have enough for each orphaned family of children to receive a basket and we want to give a toy or a piece of clothing or shoes to each orphaned child when they come in. It's hard enough for them not to have a mother but on Mother's Day , I can only imagine how awful it is for them.  We still need more baskets of food so that each family of children in our Orphan program can receive a basket.
We will be giving out baskets tomorrow...and bags of food for the elderly.
There is still time to get your order in...or please spread the word to your social networks....and post this notice...even one more basket for just one family ...means so much to them. 
Thanks and Feliz Dia del Madre!

Sharon Smart-Poage
registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity

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