Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cristobalina's birthday in Guatemala

Today is Cristobalina's you may remember she is the young girl who was electrocuted, had both her arms amputated, spent a long time in a wheelchair, taught herself to paint using her mouth,.    She has been through more pain, physical and mental , in her young life than most people will ever have to endure.   
But she is strong, she is continuing her therapy and she and her family are so grateful for the support that they have received from Mayan Families.

Today we have a volunteer photographer going to visit her, she is documenting Cristobalina's struggle with her therapy and how she is doing,  and as it is her birthday....if anyone would like to donate a birthday cake ...or part of a birthday cake for her to celebrate ...that would be wonderful.!

If you would like to send anything to her, that would be great!
This is one special young girl....I think today is her 16th birthday .
Sharon Smart-Poage
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