Monday, June 4, 2012

A Mother died today

Sadly, two of our sponsored students lost their mother today.  Juan Carlos is 14 yrs old and his sister, Blanca is 11yrs old.

Yolanda, the mother apparently drowned herself in the lake this morning.
She was very depressed when she last came here, crying because she could not find a job and could not feed her children.
Yolanda who was 49 yrs old has had a hard life. Her husband died from the results of alcoholism, she herself, struggled and overcame her alcohol problems.
She suffered a stroke last year that left her with her face lopsided...this really depressed her as well.
She had 10 children .....all are grown and married except for Juan Carlos and Blanca....and another older son who apparently does not treat the younger ones too well.
We don't know what will become of Juan Carlos and Blanca yet.
I have known Yolanda for several years now and she was always friendly . It was obvious that she had suffered a lot but it always seemed to me that she was hoping things would get better. I think having the stroke was very difficult for her and made it hard for her to find work.
I wish that I had taken the time to talk to her more when I saw her last.
Juan Carlos and Blanca are now orphans.  I  hope the future will be a lot kinder to them.
The sponsors have been notified about this privately  so please do not worry that this might be one of your students.

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