Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday in Guatemala

Monday we are facilitating a medical/dental and vision clinic in El Barranco!
So far this medical team saw over 250 people in Panajachel, 157 in San Jorge.  They have been doing a great job.
Monday we also have our new Volunteer Coordinator Erin taking over from Susie.  Susie will continue to work at Mayan Families but will be focusing on other areas.
We also have a new intern, Daniella starting for five weeks.
Volunteers, Bethany and her son Seth,   Kerry, her parents and her two daughters, Medina and Ruby are visiting. Cindy and her friend arrived late Sunday afternoon and if Cindy is not too tired she will be coming to El Barranco to help  the medical clinic. 
We have an early morning trip leaving Panajachel at 3.30a.m. to get to the hospital at 7:00 A.M....we are taking the young girl from San Antonio to see the specialist. She was there last week but needs to go back for more tests.  She is bleeding continually from her mouth, in large clots .   So far, thank goodness, they have ruled out Leukemia...Jody from COTA has suggested that we give her vitamin K which one of her doctors suggest will stop the problem but the bleeding is increasing and the mother is very anxious.   We are trying the Vitamin K as well. 
We will still have a few Father's Day Baskets to give out. The folks from across the lake could not come over as it was heavy rain over there making boat travel difficult and dangerous.
We also will be giving out more gifts from Denise's shipment. Many students received their gifts on Sunday but more still to go out.
Plus it was Gloria's ( our manager) birthday on Sunday....and the mothers at the Panajachel preschool have a surprise for her, so we will be stopping there around 11:00 A.M. for tamales and birthday cake! 
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