Sunday, June 16, 2013

Drum roll please!

We currently have 126 baskets of food for fathers of families, we
have 12 families of orphaned children who will be getting Father's day
baskets...and some mothers who are pulling double duty as fathers and
mothers of the family.

We also have brand new T-shirts to give out to the fathers, thanks to a wonderful donation that we received. Yesterday 10 Mayan Families staff went into the office and packed up bags of food so that we would be ready to go. I didn't even know that they did this
until it was over!

This morning we are starting at to get ready to give out the baskets. We are giving out the baskets this Sunday
as many of the fathers are not able to come during the week. They are
working and some may lose their jobs if they take a day off.

So that is why we will be giving them out this Sunday. It
is not too late ...if you still want to send a basket or give a basket
to a single mother family ....or to an orphaned family.  Thank you so
much for the bags of food for the Elderly men...they will really
appreciate this.

SharonSharon Smart-Poage

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