Sunday, June 16, 2013

Young mother from Santa Catarina, Guatemala

This week a young mother from a nearby village of Santa Catarina came
to the office....she has a child approx. 3 years old...another one who
is 14 months old and she is 5 months pregnant. Her mission
coming to our office was to find out if anyone would like to adopt the
child she was pregnant with. She is living in a very dangerous situation
with her husband who is very physically abusive. She can no longer take
living with him and fears for her life and the safety of her children.
She was very desperate when she came to talk to us.

She had gone to see her parents and asked if she could move back
home with them.  Her father told her that she could not come home
bringing this new baby. ...that she had to give it away. Gloria,
the Mayan Families staff manager, called the mother in and talked to
her.  The mother is in agreement to have the daughter come back home
...and not give the baby away and she feels that she can convince the
father....but that they cannot afford to feed the daughter and the

On Friday, we helped the young mother move her very small amount of possessions back into her parents very small home.
This family does not have a FA number but our hope for them is that we will
be able to find a sponsor/s who will be willing to help with food for
the family...even if it is only  $60 a month....and help with the
medical check ups for the mother while she is pregnant. 

The mother of this woman feels that her husband will
not insist on the daughter giving up her baby...if we can provide food
for the daughter and the children. If you can help or know of anyone who would want to help this family, please let us know.


Sharon Smart-Poage
MAYAN FAMILIESa registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity

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