Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fresh, sweet bread ....and lots of smiles!!!

 These are the men ( and some women and children ) who work in the river digging out sand to sell for construction.  It is really hard, low paid work...and there is no guarantee at the end of the day you will sell your sand and get paid.  If it rains there is no work.  Their families are often the poorest in the town.
 They were delighted to receive the gift of fresh bread from Mayan Families.  This donation to buy the bread came from Linda Parkinson  and her organization "To the World".   Linda wanted to help support a young man who has opened his own bakery.  This young man is 24 years old and is bringing up his four brothers since his mother died of cancer several years ago.   The father abandoned the family many years ago and has never supported them.
 Linda wanted to help this young man with his bakery by giving him an order that would boost the family income.  She also wanted to do something to celebrate Father's Day for the many men who work hard to support their families.  So this was a great combination.!
 The Bakery got a big boost with an order of $400 worth of bread and Mayan Families was able to distribute bread not only to these men but to all the men and women in the Elderly Care program, many of the Orphans in our Orphan Care program and to all the children in our Pre school in Panajachel...each of them were able to take a bag of fresh, sweet bread home to share with the family.
Thank you so much Linda.!!  This act of kindness and generosity brought smiles to so many faces ,......and gave families something to eat...who probably did not have much food in the house.

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