Saturday, June 22, 2013

Update on Ashley and her family, Guatemala

Thanks to the support that we have received for Ashley ....we were able to help the mother with the needs for the baby brother...
and her own food etc while she was in the hospital with her son, for nearly a week. 
The little boy had the operation on Wednesday and is doing fine.
They released him from the hospital on Friday morning .
We were able to give the family enough food to take home with them for a week and also pay their bus fares.
The mother and the son have to come back to the hospital on Wednesday and they have their bus fares to be able to do that.
There has been a change in the family situation appears that one of the deceased husband's brothers is not in agreement that 
the family should be thrown out of the house.
He is saying ( rightly so) that the children have the right to their father's home.
The mother is very grateful for this because it is the only home that they own.
But whether they will be able to stay there and make enough money to support themselves is another thing.
We will wait to hear what the next step is when she comes back on Wednesday.
Ashley told me that she is scared to go back to the house because this is where the father hung himself .
Her little sister, 6 years old is also scared. 
It has been a hard week for them both. Losing their father and then the mother in hospital and now returning to an uncertain 
Thank you for your help that is giving them , at least the stability to know that they have food every day this week...and the bus fares to be able to bring
the little boy back to the hospital for medical care.
Sharon Smart-Poage
registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity

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