Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that 12yr old Dilson passed away this afternoon.
Some of you may remember that Dilson was having diaylisis and needed to have a kidney transplant but was not strong enough to have the procedure. We were hoping to build up his strength so that he could have the transplant.
He went to the city yesterday as he was not doing well. I believe that he was being released from the hospital when he had respiratory problems and was rushed into the emergency room. Dilson did not survive.
This young 12yr old has suffered a lot in his short life.
One of the things that has happened to Dilson in the past year is that he found a fabulous sponsor. Dave Patterson, ( Beth McFayden's brother....Beth is a member of the Mayan Families Connection group) took Dilson under his very generous and loving wing . Dilson's mother was in a desperate situation, she had borrowed all the money that she could for Dilson's treatment. She couldn't work because she couldn't leave him alone. She is a single mother, her family though a very close, loving extended family could not help her financially. Dave stepped into their lives and transformed it. He took over paying for the treatment for Dilson for his diaylsis. He paid for the transportation to go back and forth to the city. He helped reduce the amount of debt that was weighing Dilson's mother down. He gave them what they needed to be able to do all that could be done for Dilson. He also gave them peace of mind. Dilson's mother didn't have to worry about how she would get Dilson to the city....she didn't have to worry about not having the money to buy the medication Dilson needed.
Just a few months ago Dave came and met Dilson and his mother. Dilson decided he wanted to be an engineer just like Dave. Dilson didn't have a father to care for him but in Dilson's eyes Dave became the father that he had never had. Dilson liked to build things and he gave Dave one of the things that he had built when Dave came to visit him.
Today was a terrible shock for everyone. But Dilson's mother and grandmother called the office to make sure that we let Dave know that Dilson had passed away and to tell him thank you for having made Dilson's short life so much happier.
As I write this, Dilson's body is being transported back to Panajachel from the city. His family and friends will sit up all night with the coffin making sure that Dilson is not alone. Tomorrow morning, the Mayan Families staff will go to pay our respects.
Heaven has another angel tonight but we also have an angel, Dave Patterson, here on earth as well.

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