Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy news!

Hi, we have some happy news.....Glendi who is part of our Orphan program is getting married next Saturday Dec. 10th.
Many of you will remember Glendi and her mother who passed away from cancer a little over three years ago now.
Glendi is now 19yrs old and she has raised her little brothers and kept house for her two older brothers.  Glendi cared for her mother when she was dying of cancer....she would be up at nights with her helping her with the pain as much as possible.
Glendi has been through a lot for her young years.  Her father abandoned the family and Glendi had to stop going to school and help her mother support the family when she was around 11 yrs old.
Her young brother died from a stomach ailment . The family did  not have the money to pay for medical treatment.
Her older sister died a 18 months later from a stomach ailment, she was rushed to the hospital but died after surgery.
Then Glendi's mother got cancer and it was a long three year battle with Glendi doing all she could to help her mother, working full time and caring for her siblings...she also managed to go to school on the week ends.
Mayan Families sponsored Glendi to go back to school when she was approximately 15yrs old.   I am proud to tell you that Glendi just graduated last week from jnr. High school.
Her older brother, Gerber who is also sponsored by Mayan Families just graduated from High School. The first in his family to ever graduate!
Glendi came to work at Mayan Families about three years ago. 
When Glendi's mother was dying she called us in and asked us to please take care of her daughter and her sons.  We have tried to do our best.
Glendi met Joel at Mayan Families. Joel is the young man who works keeping our computers up and running and organizes our photos.   He is studying computers . He and Glendi fell in love and they both seem very happy.
Glendi is pregnant and expecting a baby in May.
Her new mother in law is happy to have Glendi joining the family and I think for Glendi it will be lovely for her to have a mother in law who seems to be very fond of her.
Her little brothers will now live with Glendi's older sister...who is married with three children....she has moved back to Panajachel and is happy to have the boys with her.
But they will be going back and forth to Glendi and are welcome at the new home.
I hope this marriage and the baby will bring a lot of joy to Glendi, she has had a lot of sorrow for someone so young.
If anyone would like to give a gift to Glendi....she still needs help to pay for some things for her wedding.
We have bought her a guipil and corte...and she has her veil....but she needs shoes, she needs to pay the hairdresser, she needs other accessories....she also needs an outfit for her little brother who will be a part of the wedding party.

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