Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MARVIN and his family get a great gift in Guatemala with Mayan Families

Marvin and his family live high in the steep mountain of San Antonio.
They had running water but no where to wash the dishes, wash their
clothes, wash themselves.
Marvin's sponsor gave the whole family this wonderful gift for
Christmas. It is a pila...a 2 sided sink, usually made of cement but
this one is fiberglass because it was just too high a climb to be able
to get a cement one there.
We were originally going to build one there but then we found we could
get the fiberglass one for almost the same price as it would cost to
construct one in the yard.
This pila...will enable the family to be able to store water in the
middle tub. The family will then have a plastic bowl that they will
scoop the water out .
The mother used to have to wash clothes over a rock....now she will
have a sink to be able to wash the clothes...a place to put the dishes
to dry on one side after she has washed them.
A pila is a multi useful item for a Guatemalan house and one that
every house needs.  Marvin and his family are very, very grateful to
have received this Christmas gift.

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