Sunday, December 18, 2011

The start of the Tamale Baskets!

                                                                                                           Yesterday we started unpacking the food for the 1,000 baskets that we have ordered so far.
These baskets will be given to families who otherwise will not  have food to celebrate Christmas this year.
Every year we have had the amount of baskets grow. We started the first year with approx. 200 baskets, the next year went to 500 and so on until last year we had 1,600.  Unfortunately, due to the poor economic climate ...this year the number of baskets we have had donated are down.  We hope that we will get to 1,600 again but the days are going by quickly.
If you would like to give a basket to a family in need....please go to this link.

We already have people lining up at our gate hoping that they may get a basket of food.

Each basket can feed a an extended family of at least 10 people.

The basket costs $35 US. and is such a wonderful gift to give a family here in Guatemala.

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