Sunday, December 11, 2011

Post on facebook and elsewhere! Help Mayan Families here in Guatemala!

Hi everyone,
You can post this on your facebook page or an edited version of it to help us get food out to people this holiday season here in Guatemala!

Feeling the commercial pressure of the holidays? Relax. And remember this is about family and friends and giving (whether money, gifts or good spirit).

Some of you know that this year we began sponsoring 2 young kids in Guatemala through an organization called Mayan Families. It is teaching us all to be appreciative of our fortunes and how we can make things a little better for others, who have so little.

In 2005 Mayan Families began a program to distribute tamale food baskets to families as is their custom to celebrate Christmas. Each basket costs $35. Last year they distributed 1600 baskets to all kinds of families (including orphan siblings). This year, thus far, they have only raised enough to distribute 633.

When we wanted to send a little extra down to our sponsored family for Christmas, we asked what they wanted and their reply was simply "food". The basket IS food but it also a way of coming together, of celebrating.

Please join us in sending some smiles down to Guatemala this can also see the photos of the families accepting their baskets, getting their food later in December. Donate now at
Enter in the "Extra Notes" field a description (ie "Tamale basket for general family")...give 1 basket or give 5 or even give $10 for general distribution. It is easy and it will make the season a bit brighter without the lights, and all the new gadgets.


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