Sunday, April 29, 2012

A new roof before the rains come!

 This family in San Antonio Palopo was thrilled to receive a new roof on their house. Their house is very simple but it the roof was in very bad shape...thankfully, they received a donation from their sponsor to be able to have new roof before the wet season gets in full swing in May through October. Many families live in misery during the wet season. The roof leaks, the dirt floor turns to mud, the beds and blankets get wet, clothes don't dry and the firewood is wet. 
Having a roof that doesn't leak makes life so much easier and more comfortable! Thank you to the sponsors who were able to improve this family's life so much!

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  1. It is heartwarming that there people who generously devote their time and finances to help those who are in need. In some cases, people forget the blessings they have in life because they are too enamored in their pursuit of further luxury. But these cases show that there are lots of things to be thankful for, such as the roof above our heads that protect us from the sun, the rain, and the cold. I hope there are other organizations out there that purse the same goal: To help those who are stricken with poverty in any way possible.